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Change Management
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Lead a successful change management strategy, with allCapabilitiesPoliciesProcesses

required for PlanningImplementingMonitoringControlling your Organizational Change project.

ProgSquad's Change Management Consultancy covers all critical capability areas necessary for your company to lead a successful change management strategy, with all the capabilities, policies and processes required for Planning, Implementing, Monitoring & Controlling the organizational change project.
Iulia Dobre-Trifan
Iulia Dobre-TrifanASC (Accredited Senior Coach), ITILv3, OCUP
Iulia Dobre-Trifan
Iulia Dobre-TrifanASC (Accredited Senior Coach), ITILv3, OCUP
Leaders face challenges consisting more and more in successfully balancing between people and results, vision and implementation, global competition and fast changing business contexts. Executive coaching is, first of all, a new style of leadership, one that focuses on learning and boosting performance, at individual, team and company level.

Change Management Critical Capabilities

Build up Accountability

For a company to be successful in this very diverse and fast-changing market, the Management by Objectives Capability becomes critical as it enables the company to steer towards clearly defined directions, while reaching intermediate milestones (checkpoints). In other words, it allows the company to draw a roadmap from today to the desired future state, as it is envisioned by sharedholders from a strategy standpoint.

Develop Drive

Leadership consists of a complex mix of activities, values and practices that enable individual and organizational performance, on all levels. Leadership may happen formally or informally. It is, however, of utmost importance for any company to ensure a consistent leadership throughout projects, organizational units and distributed workplaces, starting from the senior management and continuing up to every person’s self-leadership.

Enable the right Mindset

The era of large-scale change initiatives that deliver results in years is behind us. The market demands more frequent changes and typical timeframes from planning to delivering results are measured in weeks or months. The increased pressure to deliver and these smaller timeframes force companies into putting in place strong action-focused approaches for their leaders.

The Executive Coaching Mindset is a performing way to drive action, starting from the managers themselves, who have already been involved in the Leadership processes and who are now the ambassadors of change into their teams and projects.

Balance Responsibility

Building a learning culture is about putting in place a variety of learning methods, including training, mentoring, coaching, knowledge-sharing, support communities, as well as including learning as a key capability that people will be rewarded on, which means defining training plans, evaluation processes that take into account the learning aspect of everyday work and communicating a unified message focusing on the importance of learning and growing through methodology.




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