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Product Management
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Build a solid Product Management Strategy by DesigningBuildingModernizingMaintainingManaging an R&D Centre of Excellence and enhance your product’s features to the maximum.

The product is the centre of every company. Build a solid Product Management Strategy by Designing, Building, Modernizing, Maintaining and Managing an R&D Centre of Excellence and enhance your product’s features to the maximum.
Andrei Cristian
Andrei CristianProduct Management Consultant & Coach
Andrei Cristian
Andrei CristianProduct Management Consultant & Coach
Business Analyst with 3+ years’ experience on finance & retail projects. Product Management Coach, graduate of Technical Coaching Bootcamp & currently attending Life Coaching Practitioner – coaching program internationally accredited by International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring. Management Consultant specialized on Product Management Capabilities.

Product Management Critical Capabilities

Experiment Successfully

For a company to be successful in this very diverse and agile market, the Business Analysis Capability (BAC) enables the team to minimize the cost of trying out various ideas without endangering the business. In other words, it allows the company to put on the market its ideas and Fail Fast when an idea is not hitting its critical success factors before committing too many resources into the project.

Apply the Growth Mindset

Control your product’s qualities and make sure they are in alignment with the expectations of its users combined with a strong Technical Management StrategyEmbracing a growth mindset makes Product Design a critical capability of a software company engaging in digital transformation.

Enhance Business Value through KPIs

The success of a product is determined by the early definition of KPIs and aligning all areas of the business. Accurate planning ensures the product management strategy is detailed and it oversees the project’s business objectives at any time during the process.

Control Acceptance Criteria

The business needs covered by the previous capabilities present a fine print of required autonomy of thinking, decision and action for your project teams. But autonomy should not come at the cost of controllability. The Agile Development Methodology Capability ensures that you maintain controllability and predictability over the company’s overall evolution and goals and enables you, combined with a strong Change Management Strategy, to formulate informed strategic plans.




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